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About Us

Message from the President

President and Chief Executive Officer Norio Okubo

In Ohishi Sangyo, we are at a turning point in becoming one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of packaging materials.

Business in Japan has been slowing down for the past ten years, leading us into a stagnant economy in the Japanese market.

In Asia, however, economic growth has been drastic, allowing in our own expansion in the market, and possibly exceeding goals we have previously set.

Therefore, we have discussed crucially how to restructure our business portfolio for the next ten years with our own point of view, “Japan in Asia”, and we have been seeking the best way moving forward our company through internal deliberation and discussion.

We finally have found the answer in our corporate DNA, cultivated for a long time amongst all our employees and based on our management philosophy, which has remained unchanged for ninety years since our foundation. In other words, we must maintain an enterprising spirit, think globally, and innovate via methods such as corporate alliance and/or Mergers and Acquisitions, in order for Ohishi Sangyo to grow in Asia.

Each of our business units understands what they need to do firmly.

All we need to do is to take the next step forward.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Ohishi Sangyo, I would like to take the lead to guide and achieve the new growth in Ohishi Sangyo., Ltd, which is my mission.

Our aim is to become a business group not only in the Asian market but in the global market as a whole, and keep challenging ourselves to achieve 30 billion Japanese yen in annual turnover by the year of 2025 when we commemorate our 100th anniversary. This will be made possible with your continuous cooperation and support and we appreciate it very much.

April 2015

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