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About Us

Message from the President

President and Chief Executive Officer Masao Hisatsugu
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Masao Hisatsugu

OHISHI SANGYO CO., LTD. was established in 1925 during the era of Taisho 14th.  Our business began when the founder started selling straw bags and rice bags with ropes made by himself; which also was one of the first models of packaging material.  Subsequently the founder and his employees became “ONE TEAM” and expanded our business.  95 years have passed since we first started providing packaging materials that meets the needs of times.  I have been a member of "ONE TEAM" in OHISHI SANGYO for the second half of the company’s history.  Now, I have been assigned the role of President/Chief Executive Officer and I, once again, have realized that our company’s tradition is the sincere efforts and unity by all employees who have inherited the spirit of our foundation.


I wonder if we can call packaging materials as supporting function in logistics, ‘Packaging materials is not hero in industries, but supporting roles’.  I am proudly confident that packaging materials play the necessary and important part as supporting roles in our social life although they are not the ones as spectacular.


Now, the world has been facing the era of global uncertainty.  Therefore, we strongly and firmly decided our corporate mission to be “Provision of Optimal Solutions in Logistics”, and ‘We can show our solution for customers in needs’ as one of the major general manufacturer for packaging materials.


“Don’t grieve for the things which you have not, but make use of those you have.”  This is the inscription in my life.  ‘WHAT WE HAVE’ is the strength of our products which is the strongest point in our company, following the strength of our employees supporting our products, and the strength of unity by all employees.  We will continue providing our ‘ONLY-ONE’ products for all customers with our founding spirit of “ONE TEAM”.  We will also work on alliances with other companies aggressively in future, promoting the development in our products, and strengthening our internal systems that contribute to our achievement in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


We, OHISHI SANGYO, would like to pursue new opportunities and possibilities in various aspects towards year of 2025, our 100th anniversary, aiming at creating an exciting or WAKU-WAKU corporate group, providing a dream for customers, employees and shareholders. Please look forward to the future of packaging materials created by OHISHI SANGYO.


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