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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

1.Continually provide products and services offering new value. 2.Prioritize job satisfaction and quality of life. 3.Remain committed to achieving outstanding results in growth areas. 4.Be a helpful partner to society and the local community. 5.Contribute to the protection of the local environment.

We , Ohishi Sangyo Group , have established five company philosophies. We aim at establishing of firm fundamentals in management as well as soaring corporate value with strengthening and sustaining core competence such as image of excellent company, good quality in product, employees with capability and financial security. Our aim is to use our packaging materials as a solution to fulfill our corporate responsibilities: to contribute to society and the local community and provide better quality of life.

  • Pulp Mould
  • Plastic Film
  • Heavy Duty Bag
  • Corrugated board