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Our Strengths


A Balanced Mix of Business

We are an all around manufacturer and service provider of packaging materials, producing and selling pulp mould, plastic film, heavy duty bag and corrugated board containers. Thanks to this balanced portfolio and top notch management, we have been achieving our sustainable growth since 1947.



Founded in the industrial town at Yahata (City in integrated into Kitakyushu City), we have long been connected with manufacturing packaging materials. We started producing and supplying large kraft paper sacks in 1949, corrugated board in 1953 and pulp mould in 1963. We were the first manufacturer of pulp mould egg cartons in Japan. The know-how and technical skills we have developed from more than half a century of experience and results in the packaging industry has been allowing us to build up firm and trusting relationship with our customers.


Our strength

Pulp mould, plastic film, heavy duty bag and corrugated board containers are our four fundamental business portfolio. As a comprehensive manufacturer of packaging materials, we fully utilize our strength, technological capability and innovative idea with combining advantage in our different business portfolio to maximize “merit”.


We strive to provide and propose the best solution for packaging materials to our customers.