About Us

About Us


President and
Chief Executive Officer
Hiroaki Yamaguchi

OHISHI SANGYO CO., LTD. was listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange in 1980. After 42 years, we have finally been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2022. Taking this opportunity, we will aim at constant improvement for further corporate value, and we greatly appreciate your continuous support to us.


Since our establishment at Yahatahigashi-Ku, Kitakyushu City in 1925, we have been pursuing “Packaging Materials” that are the optimal solutions for our customers. At present, we have become a comprehensive manufacturer of packaging materials with four pillars: Pulp Mould, Film, Heavy Duty Bag and Corrugated Board. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2025.


For the past 100 years, we have set our base that we shall be a necessary existence, adopting corporate sustainability and contributing to region and society through our supply for packing materials. The base will not be changed in future.

As for a change, however, we will promote growth of our business portfolio with speedy activities in the four pillars of business and innovative activities. In parallel, we strive to accelerate ESG Management which will be built in our activity worth to SDGs following the trend towards being plastic-free and carbon-free.


The world is constantly changing and there are unexpected situations happening around us. However, we believe that growth of the company is not possible unless we can respond to those drastic changes and unexpected situations quickly and flexibly.


We, OHISHI SANGYO Group, will continue striving together for our continuous improvement in corporate value.


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