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In the livestock industry, our pulp mould are used chiefly as egg cartons, via our 'PULPY' brand egg cartons, and as commercial egg trays.
Our pulp-moulded egg trays and 'PULPY' egg cartons are made primarily from highly-breathable and moisture-absorbent paper which also provides protection for fragile eggs. This allows for mass distribution without any negative trade-off in freshness.



PULPY Egg Cartons

These containers made from 100% recycled paper are gentle on both the environment and eggs. We have also developed the well-received 'PULPYi' egg cartons which offer eggs even more protection.
・Our cartons display a natural elegance.
・We offer bar code printing to help reduce your workload.
・We also offer decorative printing, adhesive labeling and underside printing to provide you with packaging that helps boost your sales.
・Cartons are made from paper so that they are breathable and absorb condensation in order to keep eggs fresh. They can also be stored directly in your refrigerator.
・Available as ten-egg or six-egg cartons
・Available in gray, white or brown

PULPY Egg Cartons

Commercial Egg Trays

We were among the first manufacturers of commercial egg trays in Japan, having started in the 1960s. Thanks to the unique design of the pulp mould, each egg receives excellent protection and shock-absorbency and is protected from the weight of other eggs and items above it. And because pulp-moulded trays are made of highly-breathable and moisture-absorbent paper they help keep eggs fresh, making them an indispensable packaging material for egg shipping. We offer tray varieties suited to different eggs sizes and counts.

Commercial Egg Trays

Impact on Livestock Industry

(1) Improved Appearance

Pulp mould provide a more attractive, elegant appearance than plastic cartons. In addition, PULPY cartons can incorporate printed designs, making them handy for advertising.

Improved Appearance

(2) Environmentally-friendly

Because these cartons are made from recycled paper, it contributes to a more environmentally-friendly image.


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Adopted by the Green CO-OP
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Time:AM9:00~PM5:00 (Monday - Friday)