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T-dye Embossed Film

T-die Embossed Film

Features of T-die Embossed Film

This is a mono-layer film made by T-Die processing , which is a method for converting plastic film. Our film is combined with emboss. The film has advantage and character such as after processed emboss treatment.
◎Softer texture and surface like silk by emboss treatment.
◎Anti-blocking with less contact area on surface of film.
◎Improvement of slipperiness and static by reducing frictional resistance.
We have established much experience for long time that we have been converting variety of plastics into plastic film with such functional character.

Features of T-die Embossed Film

Product Lineup

Embossed Polyethylene Film


Embossed polyethylene film is made of polyethylene resin, which gives it the flexibility of polyethylene resin as well as excellent oil-resistant and moisture-proof properties.

We can meet your request for manufacturing embossed polyethylene film with lower-temperature sealing, lower odor and pin-hole resistance, as well as products combined with various types of resin such as modifier, additives and coloring.

Embossed Polyethylene Film

Main Applications

◎Back sheets of disposable diapers

◎Packaging for sanitary products and pocket tissues

◎Basement for bag-in-box (containers for liquids)

◎Basement for facial pack

◎Various laminated material

Main component: LLDPE, LDPE, VLDPE  

We also handle additive-free films and other special products

Hot Melt Film

Hot melt film is a thermal adhesive film made of heat-bonding resin. In addition to heat-pressure bonding, this film can also be used as easy-peel film for lids in cup applying design with particular level of adhesive strength. We produce mainly lower-heat seal grade with interfacial peeling which may not cause tracking after peeling it off. It can be applicable for the hard-adhesive resin such as A-PET.

Hot Melt Film

Main applications of hot-melt Film

◎Adhesion of parts on shoes, satchel(randoseru), etc.
◎Bonding layer for non-woven fabric
◎Bonding layer for building materials such as carpet and wallpaper, etc.
◎General and industrial products
◎Bonding layer for interior parts in automobiles
◎Strapping tape for confectionary packaging

Main applications of easy-peeling Film

◎Lid for jelly container
◎Lid for soy bean paste
◎Lid for metallic can packed seaweed
◎Lid for glass bottle used in packing
◎Lid for packaging material packed cold confectionery

Main component: EVA-, EMMA-, and PE-based resins


◎The film has been reduced blocking on the surface with emboss treatment, and the uneven surface gives the film matt finishing.
◎Easy-peel film is extremely flexible, so it may cause some change for one roll of thinner thickness in terms of width and length because of winding tension.
◎EVA- and EMMA-based films have superior adhesiveness with various resins and other materials; however, they can only be processed by the extrusion lamination method in case of the application for easy-peeling film.

Embossed Elastomer Film

Embossed elastomer film is made of the material elastomer, which has rubber-like elasticity. We process elastic thermoplastic elastomer resins into embossed film.

Variety of functional elastomer such as thermoplastic polyurethane film will be one of the representative plastic film are expected to extend further application in the market.  

Embossed Elastomer Film

Main component

◎Polyurethane film (Doly-urethane elastomer) : Density 1.1~1.25
 It is superior in tensile strength, elasticity and moisture protection (nonporous)
It also has superior anti-friction and oil-resistant properties, and various types of raw materials for processing.
Main component: Ester- and ether-based Thermo Plastic Poly-Urethane(TPU)

◎Styrene-based Elastomer Film: Density 0.91~0.95
It is the representative elastomer film with reasonable cost and better elasticity.
Generally, there are many grades with lower hardness and various type of raw materials for processing.

◎Olefin-based Elastomer Film: Density 0.88
It is common type of elastmer next to Styrene-based Elastomer in the market as far as we know.It has feature of better weather resistance, heat resistance and lower density.

◎Polyester-based Elastomer Film: Density 1.17~1.25
This elastomer has the widest range of temperature among our product portfolio, and some films also have excellent heat-resistant and acoustic characteristics.

◎Polyamide-based Elastomer Film: Density 1.01
It has character that shows better permeability than poly-Urethane-based Elastomer film subject to raw materials.

*The function classified in those elastomer film is stickiness, cold resistant and rubber-elasticity.
*Our thinner thickness grade is attached separator made of PE, easy to handle it.

Main applications

Waterproof sheets, base for adhesive plasters and percutaneous absorbent, various clothing materials, parts for acoustic products, non-slip tape, etc.

Other Special type of plastic Film

The plastic is named as polymer-alloy resin that is a plastic with new properties compounded by chemical and physical mixture of several types of plastics which are normally difficult to mix together. We are also able to produce and convert film from unique and characteristic plastics such as PET-G resin and other functional resins.We can propose and develop a range of films to meet your requirement, so please feel free to contact to us on any request you have.

Other Special type of plastic Film

Typical specification for T-Die Embossing Film

Typical specification

ItemRange of specification
Thickness(μm) 30~450
Width(mm) 140~2000
Winding length(meter) 1000~4000

Outer surface:Designated embossing patterns
Inner surface:matt type embossing patterns

*(lacquering technique using gold or silver powder or flakes)

The above specification is typical value. Please contact to us for further information.
We offer corona treatment in either single side or double side on surface of film.

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Time:AM9:00~PM5:00 (Monday - Friday)