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Film Coating

Features of Film Coating

We are able to coat on the surface of PS and PE films with functional resin, ink and others. We also offer the film coating mainly in peelable silicon coating with Ultra-violet(UV) curable type, as well as the following types to meet your requirement.

◎Anchor coat (basement coating to enhance the bonding strength of ink and adhesives for plastic film)
◎Antistatic coating
◎Partial coating (for heat sealing)
◎Pattern coating (Painting patterned sections in different colors using coating materials)
◎One or two colors in gravure printing
◎Design and integrated production from film

Features of Film Coating

Product Lineup

Peelable Silicon Coating Film

We can supply coating film with Ultra-Violet (UV) curable type in silicone resin which contributes the film to achieve the function of back coating in plastic tape and delamination in the separator of film. As for the advantage in Ultra-Violet (UV) curable type, it will not cause much damage to the film during coating in terms of heat processing. Therefore, it is applicable to coating in polystyrene and polyethylene which is weaker against heat. Moreover, the coating is also applicable to general grade of plastic film such as polyester (PET) film and polypropylene (PP) film. We can also adjust the bonding strength in our process to correspond to our customer’s requirement.

Peelable Silicon Coating Film

Main application

◎Base of label for expandable polystyrene (EPS) box(Easy-recycling in the same material of polystyrene)
◎Strapping label (polystyrene)
◎Sealing tape at side of lunch box packaging
◎Film separator in industrial usage
◎Base tape for sanitary products and general goods

Typical specification

Application Basement Type of coating
Inward / Film surface

Peeling strength in Si surface

Test method : 31B

Unit : mN/25mm

Residual adhesion percentage(%)

PS tape
PS label

Polystyrene (PS) 40μm Light peeling Si 30~100 90
Light peeling Si / Anchor coating 30~100 90
Middle peeling Si 100~1000 90
Heavy peeling Si 1000~4000 90
Heavy peeling Si / 2 colors printing (Gravure) 1000~4000 90
Sanitary goods and  general goods  PE 30μ Light peeling Si 50~ 90
Light peeling Si / 2 colors printing(Gravure) 50~ 90

◎Coating method : Doctor chamber or gravure.
◎Please contact to us if you need different specification or materials other than our typical specifications.


◎It will be able to enhance function in peeling performance by reducing the surface of adhesive area in glue and others in case of our embossing film produced and developed by us. We can offer the film with functional plastics and coloring with master batch after we design the basement of film by ourselves.
◎We always offer the evaluation in sample film because of showing different value in peeling strength due to different type of adhesive materials although we can offer our own design in peeling strength to correspond to your requirement.
◎We normally use cationic curable type of Silicon for coating, and we will not be able to coat it on the film with slip agent or surfactant type in anti static agent.
◎We can propose the coating film with processing and finished goods made of polystyrene such as taping.

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Time:AM9:00~PM5:00 (Monday - Friday)