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Polyethylene heavy duty bags

Features of Polyethylene heavy duty bags

These polyethylene heavy-duty bags are used in a wide range of application such as fertlizers, gardening products and chemical products. These bags can withstand heavy items in weight as well as showing function.
◎Applicable to auto-packing machine with stiffness of film
◎Suitable for decorative printing
◎Excellent at top / bottom end sealability
◎Prevention from slippery condition applied anti-slip performance
◎Prevention from trouble in packing due to static generated

Features of Resin Bags

Product Lineup

Polyethylene heavy duty bags (Mono-layer flat bag)

We also offer polyethylene heavy duty bags with the following features to fulfill your requirement.
◎Gravure printing and anti-slip coating
◎Coloring of bags by masterbatch
◎Micro pinhole/punch hole processing for air releasing
◎2ply bag (Bag-in-bag)

Polyethylene heavy duty bags

Typical specification

Raw material LLDPE (Linear-LowDensity Polyethylene)
Thickness 90-220μm
Width 370-560mm
Length 500-900mm
Printing 6 colors in total at back (inside)/front (outside)
【Printer 1 】 Front (outside) 4 colors / Back (inside) 2 colors
【Printer 2 】 Front (outside) 3 colors / Back (inside) 3 colors

Black Interior Bag (CO-EX flat bag)

The bags consist of three layers with black colored layer at back side and protect which is weak against light and constrain photosynthesis because of sun light.We recommend the bags to be used in the application for the products needing light shield such as fertilizer and gardening products due to better concealment with black-colored background which make the bags more beautiful after printing.

Black Interior Bag (Triple-layer flat bag)

Typical specification

Raw material LLDPE (Linear-Low Density Polyethylene)
Thickness 120-170μm
Width 450-550mm
Length 500-900mm
Printing Printing also available as per normal products of polyethylene heavy duty bags.
We also deal with machinery, equipment and other materials such as packing machines, flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), pallets and pallet covers.
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Time:AM9:00~PM5:00 (Monday - Friday)